Seth Yacovone Band
Burlington, VT

Set 1
(Disc 1)
01. M.U.T.E.
02. Dannemora
03. No Worse Now Than Ever Before
04. The Singing of the Song (first time ever played)
05. Let's Not Pretend->
06. Travelin' Mind
07. Mr. Farmer
08. Cardboard Box
09. Measured Mile (first time by SYB)
10. In a Moment
11. Reap The Reward
12. Can't Get Sick
(Disc 2)
13. Monkey Man

Set 2
01. It
02. Below
03. Falling On Deaf Ears
04. Cheer Up->
05. Playing Patterns-> (First time played by SYB)
06. Mold pt. 2->
07. Cheer Up
08. All The Pain Through the Years
09. Terminal
(Disc 3)
10. I Got Nothing
11. A Question Mark to Answer (first time played by SYB)
12. Sedan Delivery (Aborted)
01. Whole Lotta Rosie->(cut)
02. Sedan Delivery(cut)
03. 360(cut)
Souncheck filler:
01. Below(soundcheck)
02. Falling On Deaf Ears(soundcheck)
~encores are incomplete due to technical problems

The lineup was:
Seth Yacovone-guitar/vocals
Tom Coggio-bass/vocals
Steve Hadeka-drums/vocals
Adam King-keys/vocals

Recording Source: Post Production DSBD/AUD Matrix-(6 channel)
(SBD)+(Neumann SKM184's*)+(AT4050's**)>Digi 003 Rack +>Macbook>ProTools 8 Le(24/96)>(mixdown,editing, mastering, dither, resample)>WAV(16/44.1)>xACT 1.4>FLAC
*mics were dead center, NOS, on chandelier ceiling mount, approx. 10 feet high and 12 feet from stage
**mics were omni, split approx. 10 feet on stage, waist high

~Sound Engineer: Awgie
~Recorded and Mastered by: Sean M. Reardon(