Seth Yacovone Band
Stowe, VT

Set 1 (Disc 1)
01. Dannemora->
02. Wage
03. Just Open the Door
04. Below
05. The Singing of the Song
06. Yes
07. I Commit Crimes
08. Chunky Baby Crap Brown Haggis on Toast
09. Falling on Deaf Ears
10. In A Moment
(Disc 2)
11. Mold pt. 1 (end Set 1)

Set 2 (Disc 2 cont.)
01. Keep On Trying
02. There is a Myth->
03. $1,000 Dog
04. Storage Space->
05. No Worse Now Than Ever Before
06. Cowgirl In the Sand
07. Funky Old Mayonnaise (Botchalism with different music)
08.. Terminal
09.. One Too Many Mornings (Bob Dylan cover first time played in USA. First timesince 10-18-01 Sazana Italy)
10. Playing Patterns

Set 3 (Disc 3)
01. What Have I Done Wrong
02. I Got Nothing
03. Traveling Mind
04. Isis
05. Hick Jam

~One Too Many Mornings and Isis played after midnight for Bob Dylan's Birthday!!!

The Lineup:
Seth Yacovone-guitar, vocals
Tom Coggio-bass, vocals
Steve Hadeka-drums, vocals
Adam King-keys, vocals

Recording Source: Post Production DSBD/AUD Matrix-(6 channel)
(SBD)+(Neumann SKM184's*)+(AT4050's**)>Digi 003 Rack Plus>
Macbook>Pro Tools Le 8(24/96)>(mixdown, editing, mastering, dither, resample)>WAV(16/44.1)>xACT 1.4>FLAC
*mics were XY, dead center, back of dance floor, approx. 8 feet high
** mics were omni, split approx. 6 feet, waist high middle of stage center

Recorded and Mastered by: Sean M. Reardon