Bootleg Name: Seva Benefit 2/13/94
Venue: Nob Hill Masonic Center
Location: San Francisco, California
Source: AUD (opening through Country Joe MacDonald)
SBD thereafter

sbd > dat (?) > first-gen cassette > WaveLab > CDWAVE > flac

folder 1: (aud)
Wavy Gravy intro > patriotic pledge
Harvey Mandel salute to Hendrix ("Star Spangled Banner")
Country Joe MacDonald's set

folder 2: (sbd hereafter)
Paul Kantner w/Jack Casady, Diana Mangano, Tim Gorman, David Crosby

folder 3:
Arlo Guthrie's set

folder 4: (NOT INCLUDED as it is the Tuna set! sorry)
Hot Tuna w/Pete Sears, Will Scarlett, David Crosby, & Bob Weir

folder 5:
Crosby & Nash w/Phil Lesh, Will Scarlett, Bob Weir, &tc
encore -- everyone!

This was the REAL 25th Anniversary concert of Woodstock: Wavy
Gravy's Seva benefit brought together musicians who played at Woodstock and
included Wavy's reminiscences between sets. I was in the audience and a
fan of my music reviews sent me a full copy from the soundboard (augmented
by an audience tape at the beginning). So not only music but Wavy's
banter is included.

I originally digitized this at the start of my digitizing career,
and put out an unsatisfactory copy -- it had some defects from the
original tapes, including a section that was somehow repeated. As I
put it out on a DC hub, I thought it wouldn't go far, but then found
out later it was torrented on STG. Oh well, here's a better version,
complete with new track cuts and removals of the duplicate sections.
Of course, Hot Tuna is not included, so maybe you have the original
and can add it yourself.

If you look at the .jpg poster for the event you will see that Richie Havens
was listed: but he was stuck on the east coast due to the year's bad snowstorms!
I included other .jpgs from Wavy's website for those who would like
to make CD covers; feel free, just please attend a Seva benefit
or contribute in the spirit of this magical evening!