Psychedelic Network Festival #5
Cafe Cairo, Wuerzburg, Germany
November - 17 - 2012
Closing act/Day #2 (23:20 - 0:15)

from SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 478

Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> Zoom H2 (at WAV 16/44) -> SD -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/volume boost only) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Taped at front row a bit left of center. Excellent recording with almost no chatter audible. Niko's always entertaining talks are a bit low in the mix, but hell yeah,
the music is way up straight to the back of your skull...All thanks to the Lightseer for taping this mindblowing experience of a brainstorm for the Spacebandit.
A few pics by LORD DIE ect. are included as well...

So, the best comes last! This is the final show from 2012 fantastic PNF festival in lovely Cafe Cairo Wuerzburg. And - at least for me - the ultimative best one of a series of
over-the-top acts. But - hey - it's Mr. Weirdness himself - Niko Potocnjak - doing all of his favorable loveacts to his guitar, Mr. White on Krautbass and Nicola on syncopating
wizard-drums. Joining in was the master of PNF since 2007, Horst himself on some electronic space. I guess, no I know, this music was not studied before, instead it is a freeflow
improvisational spaceflight on the works of SEVEN THAT SPELLS. Nothing more, but nothing LESS! And (in the time of declining/deceasing old heroes) - I would call out nothing else then:
NIKO! ROCKSTAR! So, I suggest to all of you out there, go ahead, see SEVEN THAT SPELLS live on stage, wherever you are. This band is simply...
"Shut up, SB, you'll never get that torrent started in a year, if you continue your cheap talk"
Ups, my mind's speaking to me...So I better get the tape starting... Sorry... SB.


FULL SHOW (56:00 min)

01. Soundcheck/Intro (2:55)
02. CK jam # 1 -> (10:19)
03. CK jam # 2 (11:18)
04. Niko's sales talk/Tuning (2:18)
05. CK jam # 3 -> (4:18)
06. CK jam # 4 (10:33)
07. Niko talks/Tuning (2:08)
08. CK jam # 5 (12:09)

Support the SEVENs, go to their shows. Buy them off all their merch, as they are very poor...They are lucky to get home alive (after so many...girls?)

Do not convert to fucking mp3 unless for personal use!
If you sell (unless you are Niko/Jerry/Nicola) - we'll send you to hell!

SEVEN THAT SPELLS 2012-11-17...

Nico Potocnjak - guitar, vocals
Jeremy White - bass, vocals
Nicola Babic - drums

with Horst Porkert on electronics.

@ Horst+STS...woah. Nothing to say...