JUNE 4, 1976

Taper: peyotero

CONTRAST CLAUSE: This is a compilation of 3 sources, edited together on November 2012 (and redone in September 2013), to make the complete gig:

1. Silver CD > Wav > Flac > torrent (EAC, Trader's Little Helper, U-torrent)> Declipped, EQ, Dehissed > WAV > FLAC (Best quality from tracks 01-12, but incomplete, missing the start of track 01)
2. "Alternate version from one Mark B which he got back in June/July 1989. This is a tape source, no LP crackles at all"> FLAC > EQ > WAV > FLAC (thanks to lammah) (Good quality, has the beginning of track 01 and the last tracks (13-14) with better quality than source 1)
3. Cassette traded in c.1989. Nth gen cassette copy of a very scratched bootleg vinyl > wav (no processing) > CDWave(cut on sector boundaries) > flac(6) > Tried to denoise and declick this source > WAV (Thanks to Egg_Crisis) (Average quality, has the complete intro of the concert(track 01)) Torrent by starboy, comes from another incomplete version of the show.

01.Did You No Wrong (mix of 3 (concert intro), 2 (beginning of the song) and 1 (best quality but cut))
02.No Lip (source 1)
03.Seventeen (source 1)
04.(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (source 1)
05.New York (source 1)
06.Whatcha Gonna Do About It (source 1)
07.Submission (source 1)
08.Satellite (source 1)
09.No Feelings (source 1)
10.No Fun (source 1)
11.Substitute (source 1)
12.Pretty Vacant (source 1; encore cheering from source 2)
13.Problems (source 2)
14.No Fun (mix of 2 (cut) and 1; source 1 at this song is quite slow, so I used Adobe Audition's stretch at 93%, if I do remember correctly, for the very end of this track)

You can find some great photos of the gig here:

Thanks so much to the DIME users peyotero, lammah, Egg_Crisis and starboy for making this possible!

Other versions of the gig not used on this:

Lineage: Marantz MF1 c60 cassette (physical copy from �umnij_Smagspr�ve) > SONY TC-WE435 >
M-AUDIO 24/96 audiocard > PC > Adobe Soundbooth 1.0 > WAV 16/44 > Audacity (splitting) >
TLH > FLAC Level 8 (SB Aligning + Test encoded files) ~ 16/44,1kHz

Quite similar to version 2 (Substitute cut, No fun#2 complete), but with bad quality.

Manchester Arndale Market Bootleg Stall> Technics RS-T22 (azimuth adjusted)> WaveLab (track splits)> TLH (Flac 8)

If I remember correctly, this sounds similar to I Swear I Was There, but the intro to track 1 fades up differently and has a little bit more noise.



I was told by MarkB that his copy originated from a trader named Dave Lees (2 generations up), wouldn't think the name means anything to anybody here besides craigie*...and I bet his copy is at least two generations or more removed from the circulating 2nd gen the taper credits all extant copies being sourced from.


Sex Pistols

Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK, 1976.06.04 (4th June)

Cassette traded in c.1989. Nth gen cassette copy of a very scratched bootleg vinyl > wav (no processing) > CDWave(cut on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

You can get rid of the hiss quite nicely using Adobe Audition's hiss reduction (standard) setting, however I didn't like the way it caused a sortof after-echo type sound with all the vinyl clicks so I left it unprocessed. It'd have probably been fine to dehiss if it hadn't been for all the vinyl clicks.

Tracklist: [extra bits not present in starboy's torrent indicated in square brackets]

[45 seconds of audience sounds and an extra 10 seconds of Did You No Wrong. There wasn't that much missing after all]
01 Did You No Wrong
02 No Lip
03 Seventeen
04 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone
05 New York (Looking For A Kiss)
06 Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

(tracks 7-10 missing)

11 Substitute (1st 10 seconds missing, fades in)
12 Pretty Vacant
[13a encore break 1 = 1min27sec of audience sounds]
13b Problems
[14a Encore break 2 = 2min51 of audience sounds]
[14b No Fun]


I cut it in the same places as starboy's torrent so you only need to download tracks 1, 13a, 14a & 14b & just slot them into the correct places. Only download the other tracks if you're an obsessive completist!


Who was there?

Howard Devoto (Buzzcocks, Magazine)
Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks)
Steve Diggle (Buzzcocks)
Morrissey (The Smiths)
Bernard Sumner (Joy Division)
Peter Hook (Joy Division)
Martin Hannett (record producer for Factory records)
Mark E. Smith (lead singer of The Fall)
Tony Wilson (one of the founders of Factory Records, creator of So It Goes TV program)

Some Bernard Sumner (Joy Division) memories about the gig.

Full interview:

Was he (Ian Curtis) at the Pistols gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall?

I don�t know. I didn�t know him at that point, this gig where we met him was after that one. I was at the first one.

Did you like it?

Malcolm McLaren was on the ticket office at that one� Yeah, I recorded that gig, but it turned out so distorted that it was unlistenable. I did like it, yeah. I didn�t think they were good, I thought they were bad, but that�s why I liked it. I thought they destroyed the myth of being a pop star, or of a musician being some kind of god that you had to worship. In fact a friend who was with me said, Jesus, you could play guitar as good as that.

Who did you go with?

I went with Hooky and Terry, our roadie. Looks like George Formby on an E. Terry is a bit of an odd-looking chap, as you can agree from the photograph, he�s into all these oddball groups like. He�d read somewhere about the Sex Pistols having a fight onstage and he dragged us down to see them.