maf centrum

SOURCE: hilversum 3, kro fm, "rocktempel", (1980 re-broadcast)
RECORDING: room antenna > braun ce 250 > teac cx 350
TRANSFER: nakamichi cr7 (w/ azimuth adjusted) > tascam ss r1 > adobe audition 3.0 for tracking > flac level 8
TOTAL: 13:00

02 anarchy in the uk
03 no fun
04 liar

- never got to see them. what a pity. had a ticket for the hamburg concert - cancelled - shite !!!
- statics and fm noise are sometimes shxxxx... student days ... imperfect radio reception in the backyard ...
- wish i had cable fm + a nakamichi in those days. at least blanks (maxell ud xl 2) were okay.
- i've been looking for a spotless copy for all these years - never found one. is there anybody out there with a perfect recording?