The Shaboo All Stars Featuring Matt "Guitar" Murphy
The Fairgrounds
Guilford, CT USA
August 7, 1988

Lineage: MASTER Audience Cassette /Sony D6

2 NAK CM-300 mics 12' stand next to Sbd -> Lead Deck -Sony D-5 > my Sony D-6 patched in (Maxell XLII tape/ Dolby C) > Play master tape on Nakamichi BX 300 Dolby C > Azimuth adjustment > Tascam CD-RW 2000 > CDr Roxio Creator 8 > Maxell CD-r PRO > .flac

The Shaboo All Stars

1) Everyday I Have the Blues
2) Whiter Shade of Pale
3) What a Life
4) How Long (Has This Been Going On?)
5) Band Intro
6) I Feel Good
7) Knock On Wood
8) Tobacco Road
9) Drink Muddy Water
10) Soul Man (encore)

Taped by: Scott Norman

EX Audience recording, a bit of wind at times. Enjoyable, great sounding set.


This show was held at the Fairgrounds in my hometown of Guilford, CT on Sunday August 7, 1988. The true credit for this recording should go to my old Dead Head taping buddies, Chuck and Bob. It has been so many years that I can't even remember their full names, if you are out there, drop me a line.

Every summer the town would put on a Sunday Concert at the Fairgrounds and everyone would come down and enjoy the music, the previous summer NRBQ was the headline.

My friends gave me a call and told me to meet them there, bring my Sony D6 and a patch cord, they had the rest of the equipment. We set up right next to the Soundboard, a rent-a-truck flatbed with the soundboard in the rear facing the stage. We set up 2 Nakamichi CM 300 mics on a 12 foot stand right next to the truck, pretty much dead center of the field, 20 yards back or so. I patched my deck into the Sony D 5. I was using a Maxell XLII tape using Dolby C.

The show was great! Listen for yourself......

A week later I heard on WPLR in New Haven that Roy was dead and that the show in Guilford was his last performance.

For the transfer to cd I played the Master Cassette on my Nakamichi BX 300/ Dolby C /AZIMUTH Adjust >Tascam CD-RW 2000

I used no computer programs to enhance or alter the sound, it is a straight transfer.

This is by far the best recording I every was lucky enough to record. My buddies deserve all the credit, I was lucky that they let me patch in.

This recording is EXCELLENT! On a quality home stereo it sounds absolutely amazing. The only way this could be better is if the soundman allowed us to set up 10 feet in front of the soundboard, we had to move because we were blocking his view of the stage and if I used a metal tape that would have handled the high input level. I turned down the output level on the NAK BX 300 to 9 to take a little of the edge off the recording--other than that I made no alterations to this recording.

THIS IS AN UPGRADE TO THE PREVIOUS TORRENT of my tape-----I discovered that my Nakamichi deck was running slightly slow-This is a transfer with the PROPER DOLBY and AZIMUTH ADJUSTED, plus it is recorded on a top of the line PRO CDR recorder---

TURN IT UP and ENJOY! This is as good as it gets for an audience recording--------an excellent documentation of music history.


Thanks to Scott for sharing this with me.

Warmest Regards Always, etc.

The New Guy

Note from Slickdaddyo:

I got this on another tracker.

The Shaboo All-Stars featuring Matt "Guitar" Murphy opened for Roy Buchanan on what would be his last performance before he died.

Thanks to Scott for taping this show, to The New Guy for uploading.

R.I.P. Roy Buchanan (September 23, 1939 - August 14, 1988)

Enjoy it, share it...just don't sell it. ~Slickdaddyo