SHAKIN' APOSTLES (Austin, TX.) - April 11, 1998 - Odeon, Goeppingen, Germany ** SOUNDBOARD DAT-master, MWM 0084 ** >> Texas legend FREDDY STEADY KRC's incredible AMERICANA band ! << with mp3's This one here is for Bernie and HaPe... and all our friends in Texas, especially Mike 'rioblanco' >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The first part of this concert, the support act: Torrent #201849 MARKUS RILL (solo) - April 11, 1998 - Odeon, Goeppingen, Germany ** SOUNDBOARD DAT-master, MWM 0082 ** >> Europe's premier Americana artist << with mp3's >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This recording here comes directly from the "Men With Microphones" archive. "MWM" started in the 70ies in South Germany with analog recording equipment, and at least two of them are still recording sometimes (since the 90ies on DAT, and, lazy as we are, since lately with small, handheld WAV-recorders on SD-cards). The "MWM" startet as a project of friends sharing their hobbies together. But by reason of jobs, partners and other interests the circle of all involved shrinked. "Freddie Krc is a true, dedicated musician. He is one of the most knowledgeable and liked musicians in the business. He's played on and off with me for twenty years. He is always upbeat and cheerful, and that's not easy on long, grinding tours. I consider him a friend and have the highest regard for his work." - Jerry Jeff Walker "Great guitars, great songs, great records." - Peter Lewis, Moby Grape "This band’s got chops and knows how to nasty." - Cyril Jordan, The Flamin’ Groovies "I want to thank Freddie for being there every time I needed him." - Roky Erickson "I'm trying to create my own breed of Americana. When I was a kid, the bands I loved - the Byrds, Moby Grape and Buffalo Springfield - took all these influences and mixed 'em up into something uniquely their own. And since I grew up with all sorts of music - cajun, blues, rock, country, conjunto and psychedelic -- that's what I'm trying to do today." - Freddie Steady Krc About Freddie: From Austin to Prague, from San Francisco to London, Freddie "Steady" Krc has plied his musical trade for more than twenty years. Decendant from a line of talented Czechoslovakian musicians, Freddie has kept the family tradition alive by providing his music to people all over the globe. His drum playing has provided the "Steady" beat for Jerry Jeff Walker and the Gonzo Compadres for many years. He has also played back up for artists as diverse as Carole King and Roky Erickson and fronted several of his own bands as well as his current band, The Shakin' Apostles: Freddie "Steady" Krc was born Alfred Edward Krc (rhymes with birch) on April 17, 1954 in Houston, Texas. His parents, Pauline and Alfred, soon moved Freddie and his older sister Kathy to the Gulf Coastal town of LaPorte, Texas. It was here in LaPorte, as Freddie grew up during the 1960's, that his unique musical style began to take shape. Freddie is closely related to members of the Ray Krenek Orchestra, a family polka band that has existed in Texas since the mid-1800's. While this relationship had an influence on his musical direction, it was the more modern sounds of England, and San Francisco combined with American folk music that molded his musical tastes. Freddie reacted to the "British Invasion" by arming himself with a pair of drumsticks and joining his first band ("The Sound Kings") at the age of ten. He began his formal musical training at LaPorte Elementary School and continued with both school and private lessons until graduating from LaPorte High School. Freddie says that some of the largest influences on his musical direction came from The Beatles, Moby Grape, and Woody Guthrie. After graduating from high school Freddie attended Lon Morris College in Jacksonville Texas. Here he majored in theology, while preparing for the ministry. However, his calling came from another area, music. He left college in 1973 and played in a cover band before moving to Austin in January of 1974. Austin has been Freddie's base ever since. Although he has spent extended periods of time in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London, he has always maintained his permanent residence in Austin. It was in his new found home of Austin that he hooked up with B.W. Stevenson in 1975. This marked the beginning of his recording career. He played with Stevenson on the Warner Brothers label, Steven Fromholtz on Capital, and Denim on Epic, all in 1976. It was here also that The Explosives were formed and played backup for Roky Erickson. They then moved on to the Punk scenes of San Francisco and Los Angeles. One of Freddie's longest running musical relationships was with Austin icon Jerry Jeff Walker. Freddie first recorded with Jerry Jeff on the 1977 MCA release A Man Must Carry On and later that same year, Contrary To Ordinary. This classic JJW recording remains one of Freddie's favorite albums. Freddie continued to record with Jerry Jeff through Walker's Electra recordings, Jerry Jeff (Nacona Boot) and Too Old To Change. In the late 70's and into the 80's Krc put much of his efforts into The Explosives. While this punk trio (Waller Collie on bass, Cam King on lead guitar, Freddie Krc on drums) took up much of his time, Freddie also recorded with other artists during this era. Some of those artists were Carol King, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, Ponty Bone and Wes McGhee. During the 1980's Freddie's music became increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. He spent a great deal of time in London and found European audiences very appreciative of American country music. During this period he recorded Freddie Steady's Wild Country - Lucky 7 in England. This album was first released in America and later in the UK. While playing in London Freddie made contacts that eventually led him to return to his ancestral homeland of Czechoslovokia. After long negotiations, he was able to work out a recording deal with the Czechoslovakian government record label. However, before the deal could be completed, a revolution put an end to the government record label, and to the government itself. After the revolution, Freddie was again able to secure a recording contract in Czechoslovakia, this time with a private record label. The result is the 1990 release When The Wall Came Down. As Jerry Jeff reemerged as a musical force in the late 1980's and into the 1990's, Freddie joined him as the drummer in his band, "The Gonzo Compadres." Freddie spent years on the road, over 200 nights a year, with Jerry Jeff, John Inmon and Bob Livingston. This foursome is the backbone of the six albums Walker released in the 90's. In 1990 Freddie formed "The Shakin Apostles", a band billed as playing "Electric Western Folk-Rock". John Inmon joined Freddie on the two CD's that the band has released, "The Shakin' Apostles" released in 1993 and "Tucson" released in 1995. In late 1996 a German Record company (Blue Rose Records) released a CD "Austin, Texas" that is a mix of songs from the first two CD's plus a number of previously unreleased live cuts. In 1997, Blue Rose released the band's third regular CD, "Medicine Show". (THANKS, Freddie !) The Shakin' Apostles: The Shakin' Apostles have a style that has been described as Electric Western Folk-Rock. Upon first hearing the sounds of this talented Texas band most people are hard pressed to categorize them. There are obvious links to Rock and Roll and a deep connection to the renegade country sound of the Austin area. But the rich and varied backgrounds of the band members leave a unique musical signature that is best left undefined, for the sound is truly theirs alone. The band is fronted by Austin music veteran Freddie Steady Krc. Freddie has been backed by a host of solid musicians on the various releases, including Jerry Jeff Walker's long time lead guitar player, John Inmon. Cam King, the late Danny Thorpe, Greg Jackson and Ronnie Johnson have contributed their well respected talents as well. Many Texas music icons, such as Jerry Jeff, Lloyd Maines, Champ Hood and Ponty Bone make appearances on individual cuts. Concerning the lineup (back then) of the band, Freddie says "I bumped into Waco Jack McVey at the Saxon Pub a couple of years ago, and asked him to audition on drums. Jack’s been with me ever since. Having Bradley Kopp come on board was tremendous. He knows the business inside and out and is as good a lead player as you'll find. Having the experience and talent of a guy like Mark Andes holds the whole band together." The self titled Shakin' Apostles debut CD and their second endeavor, "Tucson" were released by ESD Records. Those recordings are essential and A MUST HAVE for every good alternative country/ americana/insurgent country collection. Blue Rose Records of Germany released a compilation of these first two CD's titled "Austin, Texas." This album also included previously unreleased tracks and some live recordings. Guest musicians on these bonus tracks: Mike Wilhelm (San Francisco's Charlatans), John Ike Walton and Ronnie Leatherman (13th Floor Elevators) among others. German Press spent lavish praise, Musik Express/Sounds gave 5 of six stars, swarming: "ultimate compositional and technical quality, high above average", Göppingen's MWZ was maximum judging: "an extremely explosive mixture with Country, Cajun, Blues and Rock - Apostels keeps on dancing..." In November of 1997 Blue Rose released a new CD titled "Medicine Show". The European distribution of the Shakin' Apostles material has met with a great deal of success. Critics on both sides of the Atlantic have sung the praises of this uniquely American band. With four quality releases in their saddlebags, the band took "Medicine Show" on the road throughout Europe in April of 1998. "Medicine Show" was released in the US on "Big Tex" records and is distributed by Sundazed Records. This relationship continues with the spring 2000 release of the Shakin' Apostles live recording, "Too Hot For Snakes". Original: (THANKS AGAIN, Freddie !) Appendixed and augmented by a devoted uploader... About this concert: This is the second concert of a four-week-tour (April 09 to May 03, 1998) with 18 shows as headliner - 15 of them with opening act Markus Rill (solo), one supporting world famous group 'BRINGS', a 'HO*T FM session' at Hof, and a living room concert at our home... Bernie was on this tour not only the roadmanager, driver and merchandiser, but also 'chief cook & bottle washer' and, more important, dry nurse; we acted as hosts for them a few times. Step into the night ... and follow Freddie Krc and The Shakin' Apostles as they rock one of Germany's legendary night spots. This recording here brings you into the Texas world of "dim lights, thick smoke, and loud, loud music". You can feel the band shake the walls of Goeppingen's "'Odeon' im Alten E-Werk" as you are captured by the intricate images of Krc's lyrics in this 1998 live recording. If you missed the performance, then there is no longer reason to fret. Just open the door to this torrent here; remember to turn it way up, and step into the night. All of Krc's formidable talent and love of music is evident on this offering. You can sense the elation that he and his band carried onto stage with them that spring night. These are no "purdy boy" corporate rockers or some "Ken-doll country" hat act. These are real live Texas musicians playing from the gut for the pure love of the song. Few have loved the song more fully, faithfully and passionately than Krc. His diverse musical interests and influences can be glimpsed through his countless songs included on this release, great melodies, fine arrangements and part-singing harmony vocals in the tradition of the old country rock heroes like Poco, Eagles, Flying Burrito Brothers, Moby Grape or Buffalo Springfield. Freddie's days of playing drums for punk legend Roky Erickson are visible and audible by Krc's own exemplary psychedelic lead guitar work (usually playing rhythm guitar...), and during the 28 songs of this more-than-two-hours-long concert here the gifted lead guitarist Pat Kelly, drummer-animal 'Waco' Jack McVey and bass player guru Bryan Jaska get enough opportunity to display their talents. Krc is not afraid to step back and let his band shine, and shine they do. Krc's original material has become a virtual showcase for his current band. Long time fans will not be disappointed by the live versions of songs from the bands' four previous CD's. This band has been together now for about one year, before they have toured Europe together, they are now fused into a tight group that is able to follow Freddie wherever he may dare to go. Those that have witnessed a Krc performance know that you never know where he may turn next. Anything from a Quicksilver Messenger Service rocker to a Burl Ives medley may jump from Freddie's brain, and these boys are able to follow. The masterful recording of Odeon's soundman coupled with some judicious studio work by the tracking skills of Leo Lonetaper has produced an impressive recreation of the band's live performance. The energy and power of the night has not been lost. The musicians' performances remain human and tense. Rarely does a live recording capture the character of an evening as well as THIS ONE HERE. "You should have been there" is a line often uttered about nights at the 'Odeon'. At least this time, you can get the next best thing. Original: Adaption for this torrent here by Leo Lonetaper ;-) Here is, for the first time ever, this very special concert. Fresh transferred from the DAT master, absolutely unaltered. Bernie did, together with HaPe, a fantastic recording job... SO: TURN UP THE VOLUME AND PLEASE ENJOY ! THE SHAKIN' APOSTLES featuring Freddie Krc Odeon, Altes E Werk, Goeppingen, Germany April 11, 1998 lineage: recorded by HP & BR, my recorder through HP's, soundboard to DAT Soundboard > Analog Cable > 'Line In' portable Sony TCD-D8 (16 bit, SP 48 kHz) > > DAT (Maxell HS-4/90s, Helical-Scan 4mm Data Cartridge, 90 meter tape) DAT (master) > Tascam DA-20 II, S/P-DIF out > Digital Cable (coax) > > Behringer Ultramatch SRC 2000 (Sample Rate Converter & Jitter Remover) > Digital Cable (coax) > Soundcard, S/P-DIF in > > CD Wave (recording) > Harddisc > CD Wave (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (SB aligned/level 6) > FLAC > DIME CD 1 (61:56 mins) 1-01. intro by Freddie 0:43 1-02. Medicine Show 3:51 1-03. Roadhouse Rock 3:10 1-04. Crazy Flowers 5:15 1-05. ...Freddie's roots... 1:07 1-06. Family Band 2:51 1-07. ...merchandise and coversongs... 1:07 1-08. Buffalo Skinners 3:46 1-09. ...for the fans of... 1:00 1-10. Black And White Movies 4:13 1-11. Hotspur 6:48 1-12. Ain't That Love 4:10 1-13. -> Distant Field 5:02 1-14. ...a song from a CD called "Tucson"... 0:52 1-15. Taste Of Freedom 4:04 1-16. Rudy And Yolanda 3:45 1-17. band introduction 0:46 1-18. Tucson 6:10 1-19. Devil's Hand 2:51 1-20. ...Danke...thank you... 0:15 CD 2 (63:59 mins) 2-01 ...thanks to Rosaria & Frieder... 0:42 2-02. Lover's Prayer 3:22 2-03. -> The Wish 4:15 2-04. ...american beer is awful... 1:10 2-05. Hey Woody 3:46 2-06. ...Bernie is chatting up some girl... 1:08 2-07. Treasure Of The Orient 4:07 2-08. -> Someone Following Me 4:32 2-09. Wild Wild West 3:31 2-10. -> Remember 3:32 2-11. Waiting For You 3:06 2-12. ...customs-story... 0:37 2-13. London 3:51 2-14. Hobo Jungle 3:53 2-15. Walk Tall 3:29 2-16. Give The World A Spin 4:30 2-17. ...Gute Nacht/crowd... + 0:53 encore 1: 2-18. Not Fade Away 2:00 2-19. -> Who Do You Love? 2:25 2-20. -> Not Fade Away (Reprise) 0:59 2-21. ...Danke und Gute Nacht/crowd... + 0:52 encore 2: 2-22. ...another one of my heroes, passed away last month... 0:27 2-23. Matchbox 2:58 2-24. ...dankeschoen and one more.... 0:24 2-25. Roll Over Beethoven 2:56 2-26. ...Freddie's famous last words... 0:20 total time: 61:56 + 63:59 = 125:55 mins notes: + about 2 minutes of applause muted, and therefore OMITTED musicians: Freddy 'Steady' Krc - guitar, lead vocals Pat Kelly - lead guitar, backing vocals Bryan Jaska - bass 'Waco' Jack McVey - drums Please support the artists, visit their concerts and buy their CDs... Freddie's tourdates are in the comments-section ! Check out their websites... THIS TORRENT IS DEDICATED TO FREDDIE AND THE SHAKIN' APOSTLES... Rosaria & Frieder (Rätsche & Odeon), Bernie & HaPe. Big thanks to my wife, Mrs. Leo, for supporting and taking an active part in all my crazyness... ************************************************************************************* Here are more Texas bands out of our collection: Torrent #163600 Rainravens (from Austin, TX) - 1997 German Tour Compilation - **EX Soundboard-Masters, MWM 0007** Torrent #169693 Rainravens (from Austin, TX) - February 24, 2001 - Saxon Pub, Austin, TX, USA **SBD-MULTITRACK to CDr, MWM 0034** >> PROPOSED LIVE-ALBUM - NEVER RELEASED << Torrent #198866 RAINRAVENS (from Austin, TX) - November 30, 1997 - Art-Cafe Maritim, Roding, Germany ** SOUNDBOARD DAT-master, MWM 0077 ** >> INCLUDING SOUNDCHECK, UNTRADED & UNCIRCULATED SO FAR << with mp3's Torrent #189394 Jimmy LaFave & The Night Tribe - January 18, 1996 - La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France ** SOUNDBOARD, from digital master, MWM 0058 ** >> JIMMY'S FIRST FRENCH CONCERT, UNTRADED SO FAR << Torrent #190908 Jimmy LaFave & Band - April 15, 1998 - TV-Studio 'Ohne Filter', SWF/SWR, Baden-Baden, Germany ** SOUNDBOARD, from digital master, MWM 0063 ** >> AUDIO PRE-BROADCAST CDR FROM "OHNE FILTER EXTRA", UNTRADED << Torrent #195796 Steve Earle & the Dukes - November 20, 1997 - Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany ** AUDIENCE DAT-master, MWM 0075 ** >> WITH BUDDY MILLER, ABSOLUTELY UNTRADED & UNCIRCULATED SO FAR << with mp3's PM me, if you need one of them, and i'll give a long as they are on the tracker... ************************************************************************************* Please write your comments to show your interest in this kind of music. You know, our friend Dave T says: "There's always more to come..." And i'll promise you to keep MY tapes coming... Leo FINALLY, PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER: ...IT'S ONLY A MEMORY IF IT WAS NOT RECORDED... (by robertmullen - The Human Mic Stand) ==================================================================================== Absolutely no selling! Do not alter this recording in any way, repost to other sites or convert it to mp3 or other lossy formats except for your own personal use. And PLEASE do not share via rapidshare, mega-upload or similiar no means! ==================================================================================== Recorded by Bernie, transferred & finally uploaded by lonetaper on Dime, July 2008. This is "MWM 0084"