Shakin`Stevens - Loreley,Ger.Open Air Theatre 1993.06.19

FM master tape(SWF 3)>CDR(Philips CDR570)>wave(EAC)>flac(8) TLH
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excellent quality,listen to MP 3 sample

Hmm,not so much Shakin`Stevens here on Dime, the Hero of 6 generations,
the european Elvis and a former member of the original Ramones line up.
The origin and footnotes for the Ramones infos are from commando_hg
and verifies by the university of Bayreuth, so it`s Guttenberg proofed.
Great show,great artist,weird music,real Rock`N`Roll and absolutely
no Techno or Hip Hop can be find at this torrent.
Feel free to convert this in every loosy format you know.
Next great upload will be "Andrea Berg" - Giessen,Rittal Arena 25.0.2011
a rammy ramsfeld high quality recording together with a lot of live and
after show pictures exclusive for music lovers here at DaD.Please have
a look at DaD every day so that you don`t miss that fantastic torrent.
Hope you write a lot of bad comments,please, I need that.Help needed for
track 10 and perhaps track 2(not sure if this is the right name of the song)
thanks booomboom

line up :

Shakin`Stevens - vocals
Ray Beavies - Tenor sax
Peter Lingen - lead & acoustic guitars
Bob waters - keyboards
Bob Walkins - bass
Micky Jee - guitar
Anthony Thompson - drums
Howard Tibble - skins

setlist :

01.Love Attack
02.Tear It Up
03.Rock`N`Roll Band
04.Baby It`s you
06.It`s Late
07.This Ole House
09.Little Things
10. ?
11.You Drive Me Crazy
12.Hot Dog
13.Radio Outro

T.T. 47 min. complete show & broadcast