Schaefer Music Festival
Wollman Rink
Central Park
New York City
June 28th, 1976

Contrast clause:

This is a reworked version of the recently shared and
still running torrent at

All thanks to the taper and the sharer.

It's a very nice capture with some issues.
The tape was started and stopped numerous times making for some jarring gaps.
I've closed up all of those gaps. Where applause is cut off prematurely I've
extended it with cutting and pasting applause from elsewhere in the show.
Then crossfading it all together to make it sound natural.

All band introductions and talking, tuning etc has been placed at the end of
the preceding tracks. Leaving this share with 5 tracks of the 5 tunes in the show.

This was recorded on a mono tape recorder.
As shared the right channel was louder than the left.
So the left channel has been scrapped and the right duplicated
onto the left. True mono like this makes for a smaller flac file set.

A few bits and pieces are missing from the original share, nothing important.
That's why this one is a little bit shorter.

Some EQ was applied. The final wave form doesn't look much different
than the right channel on the original. There's been no crazed Brick wall limiting.


John McLaughlin - Acoustic Guitar
L. Shankar - Violin
Zakir Hussain - Tabla
T.H. Vinayakram - Ghatam, Mridangam
Victoria Blumenthal - Sruti Box
Annie Silk - Sruti Box

Uncirculated Audience Master!
Sony TC-110>master TDK SD C90>CDR>EAC>WAV>FLAC
reworked by acetboy

01 Joy
02 India
03 Kriti
04 What Need Have I For This/What Need Have I For That/
I Am Dancing At The Feet Of My Lord/All Is Bliss All Is Bliss
AKA 'Nata'
05 Lady L