Shakti John McLaughlin: guitar L. Shankar: violin Zakir Hussein: tabla I.S. Murgesh: percussion Susan & Minta: sruti boxes given to me as "Seattle, Washington January 7, 1977" but it appears to be Meany Hall, Univ. of Wash. Oct. 8, 77 which has this setlist according to etree: La Danse Du Bonheur India Peace Of Mind Funky Korvai E: Kriti this recording is missing the encore (if there was one, many 70's Shakti shows didn't have one, but later 77 ones usually did) and end of last song. runtime: 92:22 disc 1 44:12 1: tuning 3:16 2: la danse du bonheur 11:33 3: band introductions 4:36 4: India 24:45 disc 2 48:09 5: peace of mind 10:18 6: funky korvai > 25:19 7: percussion duet (end cuts) 12:32 audience recording, unknown lineage, low generation, I recieved it on CD. comments; a nice sounding recording of a fine show near the end of the 70's Shakti era. I don't know how much is missing of the show, but what is here is more than the average full length Shakti concert of this era. I had to balance the levels of my copy for this, now it sounds nice, not alot of crowd, up close audience recording. Not sure if it is from Oct. 77 because they mention "Natural Elements" is still not released yet (before playing "peace of mind"), and by Oct. 77, it had been released. the late 77 tour was in support of that 3rd and last released record by the 70's Shakti. one of them (I think Zakir) mentions being a teacher 6 years earlier at the university they're playing (but doesn't say the university or state by name). Setwise, this is a pretty standard Shakti concert, although no Shakti concert is a standard performance, and this one is maybe a little better than a standard Shakti concert. they don't play "lady L" here, but the 1st 2 songs are classics from the HOB album. this music is true art. So do not sell this recording. Trade freely and losslessly.