Shakti with John McLaughlin
*October 8, 1977
*Meany Hall, University of Washington
*Seattle, WA.
*JEMS master

Disc One
01 Intro and tuning
02 La Danse du Bonheur
03 Band Introductions
04 India
05 Intro and tuning
06 Peace of Mind

Disc Two
01 Intro and tuning
02 Funky Crawlway
03 Intro and tuning
04 Kriti

John McLaughlin guitar
Zakir Hussain tabla
I.S. Murgesh percussion
L. Shankar violin
Susan and Menta schrodsi box

Stanley Washington, the mysterious 'S' in JEMS, checks in with one of his classic recordings. When you blow the dust off one of his reels, you wonder if it has been played since the night it was recorded. This is one that I suspect had not. This was the final U.S. tour for the first go-around with Shakti.

Sony ECM22 mic>Tandberg Full track Reel to Reel
(@3 3/4 IPS)>Wavelab>Flac