Rainbow Theatre
London, UK 3/31/73

Andy Fraser- bass, keyboards, b-vox
Snips-lead vocals
Chris Spedding- guitar
Marty Simon: drums

Lineage: reseed of a BBC In Concert show put up on DIME a few years ago, very good sound for the time period> TLH for torrent creation> DIME again

1-Snakes and Swallowtails
2-Follow Me
3-Ol' Jelly Roll
4-Unknown Title
5-World Park Junkies

This short Sharks set is being seeded now in tribute to Andy Fraser, who passed away last week, and by request. Thanks to the original taper (from long ago) and seeder (from a few years back).This was Andy's post-Free project that he only stayed with for one album, First Water. That is available now on cd, much more reasonably than it was a few years ago when this was first seeded.
I actually saw Sharks opening for Gentle Giant in NYC, but it was the Busta Cherry on bass version, and not the incarnation with Andy.If anyone definitely recognizes Track 4 in this torrent, please provide the name.It doesn't seem to be a track from First Water.
Please do purchase the commercially available music from these artists, and continue to celebrate the great music they gave us long ago.