The Silent Trees
WormFest Music Festival
Greenfield, MA
Main Stage

DPA 4011 > V3 Digital + SBD > R44 (24/48)
SDHC Card > Audacity (mix) > Sound Forge Pro 2 (fades, Normalize, tracking, resample iZotope 64-Bit SRC, dither iZotope MBIT+ Dither) > xAct (Flac level 8, tagging, fix SBE)
TS at front corner of FOH (ROC)/DIN/approx. 9’ high

Taped and Transferred by Brian V.

01. Intro
02. Morning
03. Love Me Do
04. There Are Places I Remember
05. Rocky Raccoon
06. What You Say
07. Making Plans
08. Kodachrome
09. Iko Iko
10. Living For The City
11. Bad to Worse
12. Bertha
13. Soul Shakedown Party
14. Dearly Departed
15. Bobby McGee

John Redden - guitar, vocals
Mary Lindberg - medlodica, vocals

Thanks to everyone that put WormFest Music Festival together and for the tapers spot.
***Support Bands That Allow Taping/Trading***

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