Simon & Garfunkel
Paramount Theater
New York City, New York
October 29, 1993
(SB DAT Master Clone)

Transfer: DAT Master Clone > Fostex D-5 (optical transfer) > USBPre2 > Audacity (16/48) > iZotope RX / ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post production) > 16/44 > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

01 The Boxer
02 America
03 Homeward Bound
04 You�re Mine > We Belong Together
05 Be-Bop-A-Lula
06 Black Slacks
07 Hey Schoolgirl
08 Mrs. Robinsion
09 El Condor Pasa
10 April Come She Will
11 The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin� Grrovy)
12 Scarborough Fair
13 I�m Working On A Building *
14 Loves Me Like A Rock *
15 Gone At Last
16 Something So Right
17 Slip Slidin� Away
18 Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
19 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
20 Late In The Evening
21 Hearts And Bones
22 The Boy In The Bubble
23 Graceland
24 She Moves On
25The Cool Cool River
26 Homeless **
27 Alphabet Song **
28 If You Want To Play Saxophone **
29 Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes**
30 Proof
31 Further To Fly
32 You Can Call Me Al
33 Bridge Over Troubled Water
34 Cecilia
35 Kathy�s Song
36 The Sound Of Silence
37 Old Friends

* w/Mighty Clouds Of Joy
** w/Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Known Faults:

We continue our journey with Paul Simon and a drop-dead gorgeous capture of the penultimate show of an 18 night stand at the Paramount Theater in NYC on Simon & Garfunkel's "Event Of A Lifetime" Tour.

This DAT Master Clone comes to us via my friend and fellow dime member "Hobbes4444" who recently shipped a care package of cassettes and DAT's with a special call out around this show. I do not have any of the other Paramount shows, I know there is a very nice recording of only S & G's portion from a sliver disc release of the 22nd that is "SB Quality" but commenters noted is an excellent audience.

I've read in various places circulating captures from this stand leave a little to be desired. Whether there are excellent recordings of complete shows in circulation or not put this one at the very top of the heap. The capture is close, clean with little to no audience, simply beautiful.

SB clearly had great seats and though memories fade, the vague memory from Hobbes4444 is that SB had borrowed a pair of Schoeps mics because his seats were so good.

I can't really speak to the quality of the performance, a friend that is a big
S & G said that he prefers these 1993 shows to the 2000 era shows based on the stories told and interaction with the audience. The performance sounds good to me though Arthur misses his cue on the first line of "The Boxer" coming in early, you'd think after 17 shows he'd be able to hit it.

As you can see from the setlist the show is Paul Simon heavy with about 55% falling to strictly to him and his band joined by both 'The Mighty Clouds Of Joy' and 'Ladysmith Black Mambazo'.

Thanks to fellow dimer Hobbes4444 for the DAT and of course SB for the original capture.

Samples and artwork included...

So, sit back and soak in the "Event Of A Lifetime".


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