The Skatalites
Ardmore Music Hall
Ardmore PA
2017-02-23 Thursday
71'F 42%RH

Source: (1) SBD/Audix matrix
(2) Tascam DR-22WL
Soundman : Jesse Soifer
Location : (1) ceiling mount and (2) on table sweet spot
Transfer: Soundforge > Audacity > CD Wave > TLH
Recorded and matrixed by by Galactic Cat and capnhook

d1t01 -intro-
d1t02 Freedom Sounds
d1t03 El Pussycat
d1t04 James Bond
d1t05 Confucius
d1t06 Latin Goes Ska
d1t07 -introducing Doreen Shaffer-
d1t08 My Boy Lollipop
d1t09 Golden Love
d1t10 Nice Time
d1t11 When I Fall In Love
d1t12 Sugar Sugar
d1t13 Simmer Down > Turn Your Lamp Down Low
d1t14 Rock Fort Rock
d2t01 Requiem For Rico
d2t02 Guns Of Navarone
d2t03 Phoenix City
d2t04 Freedom Sounds
d2t05 -encore crowd-


d2t06 -band intros-
d2t07 You're Wondering Now
d2t08 Bridge View

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Doreen Shaffer- Vocals
Travis Antoine - Trumpet
Azemobo "Zem" Audu - Tenor Saxophone
Natty Frenchy - Guitar
Ken Stewart - keyboards
Andrae Murchison - Trombone
Val Douglas- Bass Guitar
Trevor "Sparrow" Thompson - Drums

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