Slapp Happy with faUSt
Cafe Oto, Dalston, London, UK

Zoom H2n > SD > Goldwave tweaks > FLAC > CDR
Central recording location
A Disputandun Production

A rare opportunity to catch this collaboration, an excellent evening.
There were a few problems with the sound etc. but apart from an
occasional bit of feedback it sounded excellent, with some good-natured
banter betweeen the band, the sound crew and the audience.


First Set
01 Sound Problems with Birdsong
02 A Little Something
03 Me and Parvati
04 Michelangelo
05 Mr. Rainbow
06 The Secret
07 Small Hands of Stone
08 Silent the Voice
09 Who's Gonna Help Me Now?
10 Blue Flower
11 Casablanca Moon
12 Charlie 'n Charlie

Second Set
13 More Sound Problems
14 Just a Conversation
15 Slow Moon's Rose
16 Child Then
17 King of Straw
18 Band Introductions
19 Scarred For Life
20 Let's Travel Light (without a kazoo)
21 I'm All Alone
22 The Unborn Byron
23 Feedback debate and amplifier modification
24 Heading for Kyoto

25 Dawn
26 The Drum

Slapp Happy : Anthony Moore, Peter Blegvad, Dagmar Krause
faUSt : Jean-Herve Peron, Zappi Werner Diermaier

Should you wish to burn a CD set, the first 12 tracks go on the first
disk and the other 14 go on the second.

Please don't share this in a lossy format or try to make any money
from this recording.

Suppert the artists and enjoy!