The Smithereens
WXRT Broadcast
Riviera Theatre Chicago IL
December 21, 1988

Another great WXRT Broadcast. This time a holiday show supporting Toys For Tots. Enjoy!

Lineage:FM Broadcast> Maxell XLII-90 acquired in trade> NAK BX-125> M-Audio 24/96> Adobe Audition> WAV> Flacfrontend> Flac 6> YOU

Pat DiNizio Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Dennis Diken Drums
Jimmy Babjak Lead Guitar
Mike Mesaros Bass

01 Intro
02 Drown In My Own Tears
03 Green Thoughts
04 A Room Without A View
05 Deep Black
06 Yesterday Girl
07 Maria Elana
08 Bonanza
09 Cut Flowers
10 In A Lonely Place
11 Blue Period
12 Time And Time Again
13 William Wilson
14 Only A Memory
15 A Girl Like You
16 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
17 Blood And Roses
18 Closing Remarks and Credits

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This is part of the Atlasstar Attic Treasures Series. My attic consists of thousands of cassettes collected since the 70's. I will post them in no particular order as I pull them out of the attic and convert to digital. Some of these artists I know well and collect myself, other I know little about just picked up along the way. I will provide as much info as I can but if anyone can add any insight to the recordings it would be appreciated. If the same recording is circulating in better quality please let me know as I have no intention of polluting the trading pool. A list of all recordings in this series is included with the torrent.

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