Snooks Eaglin
5/1/1994 -
House Of Blues Stage,
Fair Grounds Race Course, New Orleans, LA
"1994 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival"

1. Teasin' You
2. Black Night
3. Mailman Blues
4. Don't You Just Know It>
5. Big Chief
6.E: Red Beans

Total: 26:20

cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:
"teasin' you" - Willie Tee, artist; Earl King, writer
"black night" - Charles Brown Trio, artist; Jessie Mae Robinson, writer
"mailman blues" - Lloyd Price, artist; Lloyd Price, writer
"don't you just know it" - Huey "Piano" Smith & the Clowns, artist; Huey Pierce "Piano" Smith, writer
"big chief" - Professor Longhair, artist; Earl King, writer
"red beans" - Muddy Waters, artist; McKinley Morganfield ("Muddy Waters"), writer

Fird "Snooks" Eaglin Jr. - guitar, vox
George Porter Jr. - bass, b.vox
Terence Higgins - drums

This excerpt was broadcast on Apri 24, 2020, on WWOZ-FM in New Orleans.
This is from the FM broadcast, not the online stream.
"WWOZ Presents Jazz Festing In Place, 2020"

source: WWOZ-FM > Griffin RadioShark FM-receiver hardware > USB > MacBook Air
(1.8GHz, Dual-Core Intel Core i5, OSX 10.15.3) > radiosh-64 v1.0 > SoX > flac (48 kHz,
24bit) > iZotope RX 6 v6.00.1210 (trimmed, 19 kHz notch filter applied to remove the FM
pilot tone, Spectral De-Noise plugin applied to reduce FM static noise, normalized by
4.47 db, 16bit) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.50 > flac
recorded & mastered by nolataper

Info research and editing by vanillag, 6/2020:
nolataper's source flac files > Traders Little Helper > Sound Forge 14 > Traders Little Helper > flac
--repaired DC offset; EQ'd; adjusted balance; removed or reduced volume of DJ announcements;
manually combed through & repaired broadcast dropouts; reduced volume of crowd noise where
intrusive; removed clicks; retracked; fades

vanillag NOTES:
--This set was performed from 3:00pm-4:00pm
--25th Annual New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
--These files are in 48k

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