Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Nov. 27-28, 1981
Other End
Greenwich Village

Taped from nak to nak with a
Maxell XLII cassette tape in the
late 1980's.

NAK -> Cass(X2) -> RME DIGI Interface ->
Samplitude 6.0 -> wav -> TLH -> Flac

MD5's and SBE checked and verified.
By Patrick H. 07/04/2007
** A Lossless Legs GEMS Production **

Disc 1 Nov. 27, 1981 (45:23)
01 Life is what you make it 4:15
02 I Tired 9:01
03 Gone to town? 3:22
04 Tough Enough? 2:02

Probably Nov. 28, 1981 w/drums
05 I've got a feeling -> ? 10:37
06 Hollering? 5:40
07 Classic sunny stomping 3:14
08 Waited to long? 3:40
09 sunny stomping #2 3:28

This is propably a 2nd generation tape.
Taped this from Fran B. This recording
is from 2 nights. The first 4 tunes
are recorded at a lower volume then the
2nd nights performance. I played in
samplitude with increasing the gain but
it created distortion and more hiss, so
I left the first 4 songs at the lower
volume. 2nd half of recording sounds
better then first half. Guessed on the
songs. EIther this is a SBD or a FM
recording. For a second gen tape very
little hiss. The sound of the first 4
songs are more distant due to low volume
during recording. Old classic ST+BM.

Performance: A-
Sound Quality: B+/A- (FM Compression)