Sons of Champlin
Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood
February 19, 1977
Audience recording

Genre: Blues, Rock
Unknown Mics and Equipment
Transfer: Goldwave (Volume Boost, Compression > Dither to 16b) > Media Monkey (Flac Transfer L8)
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Set List:
-Early show
1.1 Time Will Bring You Love (cuts in) 3:25
1.2 To The Sea 5:00
1.3 Doin' It For You 3:54
1.4 Follow Your Heart 6:21
1.5 Geoff's Vibe 1:14
1.6 You 5:05
1.7 Saved By the Grace of Your Love 6:40
1.8 We've Been Friends 4:13
1.9 Freedom 18:29
1.10 Hold On 10:55
-Late show (partial)
2.1 Time Will Bring You Love 3:48
2.2 To The Sea 4:48
2.3 Doin' It For You 3:52
2.4 Follow Your Heart 6:14


Bill Champlin -- vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, sax
David Farey -- trumpet, flugelhorn
Steve Frediani -- sax, flute
Terry "David" Haggerty -- lead guitar, backing vocals
Rob Moitoza -- bass, harmonica, backing vocals
Geoffrey Palmer -- keyboards, sax, tablas, vibes, bass, acking vocals
James Preston -- drums, percussion, backing vocals

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