When Southern Culture on the Skids came to our area we were right on top of it. We made sure to get tickets well in advance of the performance. To put it briefly, they were great back in the day, and as it turned out, they are even better now!

Anyway, my rusty-but-trusty Edirol flash recorder and my vintage Sony stereo mic were on the scene right along with us. Had a few incidences with drunken fans bumping into my mic stand (8 ft. above floor level), but everything else went without a hitch. I think this is a rather good-sounding audience recording, and rather than trying to grade it myself, I've included MP3 samples of it in the comments below, allowing you to be the judge of how good it is.

The program has been divided to allow burning onto two CD-Rs (hey, I'm old-school that way!)

LINEAGE: Edirol R-09HR flash recorder, 44.1 Khz 16-bit with Sony ECM929LT stereo electret condenser mic on 8-foot light stand > Adobe Audition (level adjustments and tracking) > FLAC level 8, aligned on sector boundaries > YOU, the listener!

If you wish to convert this program to MP3 for use in older smartphones, music players, car stereos, etc., that's fine. PLEASE DO NOT CIRCULATE IT IN THAT FORM.

Selling bootleg recordings of programs posted on DIME is not only A VIOLATION OF OUR TRUST, it's pointless. Who's going to spend money on bootleg vinyls or CDs when they can download the music here for free?

And if anyone here could provide me with a more complete and accurate track listing, I would be most appreciative.

Oh yes, if you like what you hear here, then be sure and purchase the band's commercial releases. And by all means, go to their concerts if you get the chance. I believe that you will not be disappointed!