SPENCER DAVIS GROUP feat.HARDIN & YORK: Frankfurt 2nd Summernight Festival 7/2/2/73 Great Master Aud.!

He friends, as a request, I�m posting tonigh the only complete live performance I found yet, of Spencer Davis w/Hardin & York!
A great performance with a wild audience!
Luckilly, the taper, Heribert B. , found a quiet place to tape this show......(MP 3 sample below)
Many thanks to Heribert, who was one of the great tapers of this period!
Without his excellent work, we never would be able to listen to some great shows from the early 70�s!

The " 2nd Summer Rock Festival" in July 21 & 22 1973, was a weekend Festival held at "Radstadion", not too far away from the famous "Fu�ballstadion" in Frankfurt!
This festival was a kind of remake of the Germersheim & Speyer Festivals by the same organizers, and followed the 1st Summer Rock Festival, which was held 1 month earlyer!
Other Highlights at " 2nd Summer Rock Festival" were Chuck Berry,The Faces, R.Gallagher. Tempest, Sly & the Family Stone & more!
Canned Heat were anounced, but didn�t appear!
For details , see the festival poster, provided by hanwaker(Thanks one more time)
(see Poster included in the torrent & Comment section),
We slept in the woods surrounding the area and I remember "The Frankfurt Bones", a kind of friendlyer version of the " Hells Angels", were sent in these woods,to make people stop makin campfires!

01 Let�s have a Party
02 Tumbletweed(?)
03 Keep on Running
04 Gluggo
05 How long
06 Catch you on the Rebob
07 I�m a Man/ guitar/dr.
08 Gimme some Lovin�
08 Crowd
09 Encore:
Jailhouse Rock/Blue Suade Shoes/Let�s have a Party/
Gimme some Lovin�reprise
10 Outro

Spencer Davis: g, voc
Eddie Hardin: keyb., voc
Pete York: dr

Lineage: Master Reel-PDR05-EAC-flac
Time: ca. 75 mins

Enjoy this rare piece of history!!

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