Spin Doctors
Northern Lights
Clifton Park, NY

S: Sony SBM-1>7pin/coax.>Teac DA-P20>DAT master @ 48 kHz>
Fostex D-5>tos-link>HHb CDR-830 (digital level adjust at beginning)>CDR>

Discs received in trade
EAC and FLAC encoding by Dave Cohen

Disc one
01. Jimmy Olsen's Blues
02. Bags Of Dirt
03. Big Fat Funky Booty
04. Refrigerator Car>
05. Shinbone Alley>
06. Hard To Exist
07. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
08. Indifference
09. Yo Baby

Disc two
01. Yo Mama's A Pajama>
02. Freeway Of The Plains>
03. Lady Kerosene
04. What Time Is It?
05. Off My Line
06. House
07. Rosetta Stone
08. Hungry Hamed's
09. Two Princes