Lyceum, London, UK
Feb. 01, 1970

01 Sweet Stella Baby
02 Aren't You Glad
03 Fresh Garbage
04 Jealous

AUD > ? > rare bootleg EP "Wholly Spirit" > WAV > FLAC

This was posted on Dime on Jan. 13 2009 by shepherd. All credit is to due to him for sharing. This is one half of a very rare bootleg EP, with the other half being demos from 1967. I thought each should have it's own folder, for better archiving, and not to cause any confusion of dual material. I changed the FLAC titles, but nothing with the FLACs themselves. I also made this info., and made new checksums.

The sound is only fair, and only a few songs, but it's all that goes around. A real pity, if you read Jay's notes below.

Does anyone have anymore of this show, or a known lineage? Feel free to let us know! It has to be somewhere!

Thanks again, shepherd, for sharing this gem!

-Tom Shyman (amellowsoul@gmail.com)

"...I think all of us would count our concert dates in England during our first European tour as among our fondest memories.
We were totally surprised at how many fans we had there, especially among the English bands. In London we sold out the Lyceum, headlining over Joe Cocker and the Bonzo Dog Band. That coincidentally may have been our best live show ever,and the response from the audience and press was tremendous. This tour also marked a time of harmony within the the band; a kind of holiday from the pressures and struggles we were going through back in the U.S." -Jay Ferguson, 1999