Spyro Gyra
13 July 1984
North Sea Jazzfestival
The Hague, the Netherlands

01 Cachaca (06:34)
02 Rendez-vous (07:16)
03 Bass 'n Drums (05:59)
04 Unknown title > radio announcer/line-up cut (06:10)

total time: 00:26:01 hrs.

Jay Beckenstein - saxes
Tom Schuman - keyboards
Dave Samuels - vibes
Julio Fernandez - guitar
Kim Stone - bass
Richie Morales - drums
Geraldo Velez - Percussion

Source/Lineage: Radio Broadcast > TDK SA90 > Pioneer CT-333 > Rega Brio-R > Roland R-09HR > .WAV > MacIntosh HD > Amadeus Pro, Normalize to -0,01dB, editing, tracking > xAct > Flac level 6

Sound Quality B+, sounds a bit flat, check sample

Going through some old tapes I found what seems to be a quite unique recording of the 1984 North Sea Jazz show by fusiongroup Spyro Gyra. Could not find it on neither Etree nor Dime, so I guess this is new to circulation. Unfortunately only a very short part of this show was broadcast.

I attended the show myself, which was my first acquaintance with live jazz-fusion. I remember being very excited about this show at the time. Listening back after all those years, I must say it is still very nice to hear. Although my musical taste has changed quite a bit since then, this probably pleases a few people here on Dime.

Check out samples and enjoy !