Well, I'm finally getting around to digitizing my 700+ cassettes (at my wife's insistence--she wants them out of the house), so I'm going to start posting some goodies here. I taped many a show in the Toronto area from the late '80's to the late '90's, and also recorded a lot of radio broadcasts, mostly from CFNY, 102.1 in Toronto and the CBC. Hope you stumble across something you like, or even a show you were at!

addendum: I have had many comments about the fate of my tapes, so for those worried about them...the masters I am boxing up and storing in my parents' basement. The others (mixed tapes, recorded LP's, etc) are getting tossed. My wife is not evil or insensitive--we live in a small place, and the many boxes were getting in the way. This is something I'VE wanted to do for awhile, as well. She just gave me the push. Oh, and she doesn't have shelves of makeup, or hundreds of shoes, no matter what stereotypes you care to buy in to. Her comic collection, however....

Squeeze--Music Hall, Toronto, April 11, 1980 FM broadcast

Jumping back in time here with a CFNY Thursday Night Live broadcast, this time a great show from Argy Bargy period Squeeze. I believe this is 2nd gen--I received it from a friend in the early '80s, then transferred it to a higher quality cassette in the mid-90's. Upgrades are welcome, as are other CFNY live broadcasts. I would give my left testicle for the Drastic Measures show I used to have.....

Lineage: 2nd gen from FM broadcast>M-audio sound card>wav>flac
editing with CDWav

Track Listing:
01. Slap and Tickle
02. Touching Me, Touching You
03. Slightly Drunk
04. Pulling Mussels From a Shell
05. Hop, Skip and Jump
06. Another Nail in My Heart
07. Cool For Cats
08. The Mess Around
09 I Think I'm Go-Go (cuts)
10. Misadventure
11. It's So Dirty
12. Goodbye Girl
13. encore break
14. Up the Junction
15. There at the Top


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