April 20, 1973

Lineage: wlir fm in hempstead,ny ->Cassette>?>Wave>flac)

1. One Misty Moisty Morning
2. The Ups & Downs
3. Oak Tree>Pigeon At The Gate
4. Sheep-Crook & Black Dog
5. Spotted Cow
6. Lady Isabelle Barnet's Jigs
7. Rogues In A Nation
8. Cam Ye Oer Frae France
9. Alison Gross
10. Robbery With Violins
11. Gaudete
12. Royal Forester
13. Mason's Apron

Notes (Nov 2004):

Got this one from STG in February 2004. As there was no textfile for this great sounding show , thought I'd try to put one together, so did some searching around to try to get more info. It appears that Steeleye did a BBC Radio Concert Session in "early 1973", which could be this one.

I have renamed Track 6 "Lady Isabelle Barnet's Jigs" as this is how they are introduced in the concert. They might also be "Dowd's Favourite/�10 Float/The Morning Dew" if they are indeed the same tracks from the Harvest of Gold" compilation (though these songs are in a different order). After close listening to my albeit small, Steeleye collection, Track 10 is also renamed as "Robbery With Violins", which I am 99.99999% sure is correct.

Flacs have been renamed following etree conventions.

Included is some artwork, made by rerem/rembrandt, which I have adapted slightly to reflect the tracklisting and to create a tray insert.

Thanks to the original seeder, whoever that may be!!

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