Steve Earle, 8/25/99, Fillmore, San Francisco,

1CDR (74min)

CSHEB(dpa4061) > Sony D100, 2nd row out from left speaker tower

Transfer 12/6/10: master 44k dat > midiman delta dio 2496 > cooledit2000 > wav > flac; cooledit2000 used for splitting tracks

Only 1st set with Steve & Bluegrass Dukes for 48min + 26min of following Bluegrass Dukes set; special guest Peter Rowan comes out briefly near end of Earle's set to accompany him; has some annoying clapping mainly on 1st song, talking mainly during dukes set & bouncers coming by to eject fighters upfront center; levels settle down in 2nd song & go over briefly on vocals a couple of times on 2nd song and also once on Harlen Man

Steve & Bluegrass Dukes:
01. Texas Eagle, 02. Yours Forever Blue, 03. My Old Friend The Blues, 04. My Uncle, 05. Graveyard Shift, 06. Outlaw's Honeymoon, + Intro to Dixieland, 07. Dixieland *, 08. Connemara Breakdown, 09. Harlan Man, 10. The Mountain, 11. I Still Carry You Around, 12 Band intros, 13. Raleigh And Spencer,

Bluegrass Dukes without Steve:
14 Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power), 15 instrumental 16. Family Tree, 17. The Crossing, 18. My Father's House, 19. Columbus Stockade Blues