Steve Earle
September 5, 1999
Phoenix Amphitheater
Pontiac, MI
Arts, Beats & Eats Festival

Rig was probably Sony cassette recorder > PC > Soundforge > CD. It's
possible it was a DAT or a mini-disc, but I can't remember.

Ripped the CD to WAV, then mastered/EQ/Widen/Limited in Protools.

Haven't lstened to this in 20 years. Sounds pretty good. I'd say a solid B.
Crowd gets loud between songs, some cups hitting the cement, but the music is
pretty clear and it's a great set. A plane flies overhead at the end of Tanneytown
and there's a broken guitar string during Someday.

Arts, Beats & Eats has since moved to Royal Oak. The Phoenix Amphitheater
is an outdoor venue that sits on top of a parking garage in downtown Pontiac,
Lots of space to stretch out or get up close. I don't think they've had shows
there for years, but they had some good ones.

This was a Sunday. Also posting the Wilco set from Friday and DBT from a couple
years later.

001 Back Home To You.flac
002 More Than I Can Do.flac
003 Taneytown.flac
004 Now She's Gone.flac
005 Goodbye.flac
006 South Nashville Blues.flac
007 My Old Friend The Blues.flac
008 Someday.flac
009 Sometimes She forgets.flac
010 Brand New Companion.flac
011 Hillbilly Highway.flac
012 Devil's Right Hand.flac

Do what you want with it, just don't sell it.
Steve Earle is still making records and touring and
he's as good as ever. Please support him.