The Steve Gadd Band
Catalina Jazz Club
Hollywood, California
January 30, 2020 (early show)

Steve Gadd - drums
Kevin Hays - keyboards
Walt Fowler - trumpet & flugelhorn
Duke Gadd - percussion
Jimmy Johnson - bass
Michael Landau - guitar

01. Introduction
02. Where's Earth?
03. Band Introductions
04. The Long Way Home
05. Timpanogos
06. Walk With Me
07. One Point Five
08. Way Back Home
09. Auckland by Numbers
10. Foameopathy
11. The Windup
12. Watching the River Flow

Recorded by -M-
SP-CMC8 (Audio Technica at-943 microphone pair) > SP-SPSB-11 (battery box) > Sony PCM M-10 @ 24-48
Har-Bal 3.7 & iZotope RX6 advanced > CD Wave > AudioGate Aqua (16-44) > TLH (flac 8)

Some "dead air" between songs was removed to accommodate a single CD

Many thanks to ethiessen1 for the jewel box artwork

For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use

-M- (February 2020)


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