Steve Kimock Band
Wetlands Preserve
New York, NY

Source: Stage lip Schoeps mk2S>M222>NT222>AD1000>D8 (Spaced ~3' set I, 6' set II)

Transfer: Set I - DAT Master>HHB 850 CD Burner (44.1k) archived discs > Mac Mini via Audacity (March 2020 CD transfer, set I master DAT currently riddled with errors); Set II - DAT Master (48k) - Sony PCM-R500>Coax>Hosa ODL-276A Coax to Optical Converter>Optical>Mac Mini via Audacity (March 2020). Note set I are 44.1k files, set II are 48k.

taped by chk and rossiter, mastered/seeded by chk

set I:
01 Better Get Hit In Your Soul
02 Rocco
03 Baby Baby
04 Why Can't We All Just Samba?
05 5 B4 Funk

set II:
06 Intro
07 Long Form Part 1
08 Frees Frame
09 Moon People
10 Elmer's Revenge
11 In Reply >
12 Avalon

Steve Kimock
Bobby Vega
Rodney Holmes
Mitch Stein