Steve Miller Band
Knebworth Park, near Stevenage, Herts, UK
July 5th 1975

This was Miller's first performance for around a year and may have been the only one with this lineup. its a very good recording , with clean sound, marred only by a few bursts of chatter from the crowd ( probably about maximum 3 minutes in total for whole set ).
For 18 months, from 1974 into '76, he would work at his new eight-track home studio, putting together a total of 24 songs that would surface on the band's next two albums.
Only one live gig -- an appearance with guitarist Les Dudek from Boz Scaggs' band, former Creedence drummer Doug Clifford, and ex-Miller Band bassist Lonnie Turner at the Knebworth Festival in England -- interrupted his routine; at that event Miller introduced a song, "Rock'n Me," that would soon become one of his most successful singles.

Steve Miller - Guitar and vocal
Lonnie Turner - Bass
Les Dudek - '2nd' and slide guitar
Doug Clifford - Drums

01 - Feel so good 02:50
02 - Mercury blues 05:45
03 - Boogie children 07:13
04 - Freight train blues 04:02
05 - Stagger Lee 04:14
06 - The Window 06:31 ( cut)
07 - Living in the USA 06:50
08 - Space Cowboy 04:32
09 - My Dark Hour 05:54
10 - Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma 08:58
11 - Rock N' Me (fades out) 04:28
I had a very nice first gen recording from the taper of this show, but used this flac version to do this mix as its very clean. (but theres nearly always room for improvement ).

The flacs may well have been from my copy, but who knows ?

In 2019 I decided to give the flacs a revamp.

So... this remix by GGB, using Adobe Audition and Acon tools, adjust volume, remove or tone down loud crowd talking that takes place in a few tracks ( especially "the Window ")

Originally uploaded to DIME by Homebrew101 on May 1, 2006 - no lineage given.

CDR > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac. 2019> audition> >xact SBE to flac.

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