Stevie Ray Vaughan
Loreley Festival
St. Goarshausen, Germany
Aug. 25, 1984

Excellent soundboard recording

** mp3 samples included in the Comments section


01. Intro > Scuttle Buttin'
02. Testify
03. Voodoo Chile
04. The Things (That) I Used To Do
05. Honey Bee
06. Love Struck Baby
07. Cold Shot
08. Couldn't Stand The Weather
09. Pride And Joy
10. Texas Flood
11. Little Wing
12. Third Stone From The Sun

SBD(?) > Silver CD > CDR > MediaMonkey > WAV > FLAC Frontend > FLAC

Additional notes:
* This show comes from the "First Steps In Europe" bootleg
* Slight re-tracking of tracks 5-6 done w/ Nero WAV editor & CD Wave
* Little Wing and Third Stone were one 14-minute track on the bootleg
(I separated these into 2 separate tracks with CD Wave)

This show, which comes to you courtesy of fellow DIME member jjaywill, is part of a 2-CD bootleg set that also includes the "You'll Be Mine" bootleg, which I plan to torrent separately in the very near future.

Many people on etree have this show listed as a SBD recording, but I suspect it's not a true SBD recording; instead, it's more likely recorded from a Rockpalast broadcast. Either way, the sound quality is really nice. Please check the mp3 samples before downloading if you'd like to check out the sound quality with your own ears.

For more about this show, please follow this link:

(Apparently, "Tin Pan Alley" was also played, but that song is excluded from the "First Steps In Europe" boot.)

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Generously donated by jjaywill
and uploaded on DIME by TheCommish
March 2006 / Novemver 2010