Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
New Orleans Jazz Festival
May 6, 1990 SBD

DAT SBD>Cassette>Cassette>Creative>cdwave to split tracks>Flac

Sound quality VG+ mp3 samples provided

There are a few minor glitches (dropouts, very brief low-level static, possible short in mic cable), but nothing major. DAT recordings off the sbd can sound a bit flat and do not have the 'warm' sound of tape. Early DAT machines were not that reliable. If you have the master or a DAT clone of the master DAT with no cassette in between, please post it!

Sound improves as it goes. Note that Jimmie Lee Vaughan sits in on the first 2 numbers.

This is being posted by request. It is not part of the series of choice SRV shows that I have been posting, mainly because it does not meet the criteria of being lesser known and/or under appreciated. This show is widely circulated. I could not find record of it being seeded here on Dime, but I did search.

Set list:
01 In the Open*
02 Collins' Shuffle*
03 The Things (That) I Used To Do
04 Look At Little Sister
05 Lovestruck Baby
06 Tightrope
07 Wall of Denial
08 Mary had a Little Lamb
09 Superstition
10 Cold Shot>
11 Couldn't Stand the Weather
12 Band Intros
13 House Is Rockin'
14 Crossfire
15 Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)