Stevie Wonder
Maple Leaf Gardens
Toronto 1975

low gen sbd cass > soundforge > cdr > EAC > FLAC

This is probably one of the last live Stevie Wonder shows that we will see for awhile from this era as the 72-75 era is really a hard one to track down. I almost forgot how amazing this show is as I had it tucked away for quite awhile. The sound isn't that great, it's a pretty good sbd, certainly not as good sounding as something like Rainbow Theater but this also isn't circulated to death like that particular show. Tons of great stuff here, funk jams, clavinet stomps, new tunes, oldies. I got this in a trade, came with artwork w/ notes (sorry no scanner for art) but I typed the notes below.

If anyone has anymore shows from this period besides the common Rainbow Theater, Musikladen, Soul-TV or Colliseum performances will they please try to post them here. Motown stopped recording any Stevie shows after his 21st birthday re-negotiation so finding anything is truly a dream.

Disc 1

1. Bird of Beauty
2. Contusion
3. Jam
4. Yea Ya Do
5. Higher Ground
6. I've Been Away Too Long
7. Signed, Sealed, Delivered...I'm Yours
8. Lookin' For Another Pure Love
9. Visions
10. Golden Lady
11. Too High
12. Jam
13. Boogie On Reggae Woman
14. I Was Made To Love Her

Disc 2

1. Oldies Intro
2. Earth Angel
3. Baby Love
4. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
5. I Heard It Through The Grape Vine
6. Uptight
7. Respect
8. What I'd Say
9. She Loves You
10. My Cherie Amour
11. Fingertips
12. You & I
13. Too Shy To Say
14. Blame It On The Rain
15. If It's Magic
16. All In Love Is Fair
17. Don't You Worry Bout A Thing
18. Haven't Done Nothin'
19. Livin' For The City
20. You Are The Sunshine of My Life
21. Superstition

Notes from source:

This is a great show to say the least. It starts off with a favorite, Bird of Beauty, which is given a nice extended treatment. The show also includes another track from Songs In The Key of Life which was not released at the time of this performance. He performs a fantastic version of If It's Magic accompanied not by a harp but by his own piano. During the first half of the show Stevie also pulls out two unreleased tracks called Yea Ya Do & I've Been Away Too Long. The show really starts to get hot around Too High when Stevie and the band get into a nice little country type jam which then slips into a smoking version of Boogie On Reggae Woman quite unexpectedly. Stevie really goes off again at the end of Living For The City playing some deep clavinet funk lines that set the place rocking. He is really in great form playing very heavily through You Haven't Done Nothing. The show ends with a spectacular version of Superstition and some crazy sustained synth effects on Stevie's part to leave the stage in style. This is a great example of Stevie's raw performance power. He takes you through the old, the new, the soft, the hard and the funk!

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