February 12, 2019
On The Blue Cruise (Day 3)
Pool Stage
Royal Caribbean Mariner Of The Seas
En Route from Nassau, Bahamas to Labadee, Haiti

Lostbrook 2.0 Volume 291

Source: CA11(cards)>SPSB-12>Sony M10(24/48)
Location: 25' center
Transfer: Sony M10>Micro SDHC>PC>Sound Forge 10>WAV 16/44.1>Trader's Little Helper>FLAC(level 8)

Taper/Transfer: Lostbrook
Covers: ethiessen1

01 Intro (0:24)
02 Cut Like A Diamond (4:10)
03 In The Beginning (1:52) >
04 The Nails From The Hands Of Christ (6:49)
05 Ghosts (9:41)
06 Autumn (11:16)
07 New World (3:55)
08 The Promised Land (6:46)
09 The River > Down By The Sea (13:50)
10 Lay Down (5:21)

Dave Cousins - vocals, guitar
Dave Lambert - guitar, vocals
Chas Cronk - bass, vocals
Tony Fernandez - drums
Dave Bainbridge - keyboards

This is another one of those shows that was impossible to enjoy at the time due to the insanely loud volume. It's probably a clue when a handful of people in the first ten rows immediately stand up and leave their seats during the opening notes while everyone else reaches for their earplugs. Add to that a very strong wind and you can understand that this was an uncomfortable experience. I heard later that the sound was "good" further back but that's no excuse to assault the ears of the people in front of the board. I would have moved but I had a small degree of shelter from the wind and decided to ride it out with my earplugs pushed into my brain. I used several layers of protection for my microphones so there's not too much of that "wind in the mics" sound, though you will certainly notice the wind shifting the sound around the PAs.

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