The Stray Cats
SUNY Buffalo
UB Clark Hall
Buffalo, NY
Nov. 21, 1982
'A Whole New Breed Of Cat'

Source: Hmmmm... Hell if remember... Some kind of hand held deck with internal mics... possibly GE or AIWA Deck?

Set List
01 Pre Show & Intro
02 Baby Blue Eyes
03 Double Talkin' Baby
04 Rumble In Brighton
05 Drink That Bottle Down
06 Built For Speed
07 Rev It Up & Go
08 C'mon Everybody
09 Stray Cat Strut
10 Important Words
11 Fishnet Stockings
12 Rock This Town
13 Runaway Boys
14 You Can't Hurry Love
15 Somethin' Else

Well... A poor UB student.. all I had at my disposal was some cheap lecture hall tape recorder
(most likely a GE brand that I had or small AIWA deck that I would have borrowed)
Haven't played this tape in over 20 years... but it had been 'eaten' by a few taped decks in the past (bits of the first track)
Before it was totaly ruined, I thought I'd get this transfered
Fresh 11/2020 Transfer (possibly the only transfer to digital) Direct to Marantz Maranz PMD620. Mastered with Audition CC 2015, with some tracking Cool Edit Pro 2.1

Sound is fairly up frount, but still quite 'scratchy'.
To save tape I had often paused the deck during clapping.. those have been smoothed over.
Tracks 10-12 were only single left channel... so those were copied to both L&R.
End of Track 6 my buddy standing next to me was busted for taking pictures by some Student Security Wannabe... you can hear some of the conversation.
Most has been edited out... Just funny he didn't notice me taping.. idiot..

Artwork - Photo of master tape, and graphics from the School Paper's review of the show.

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