Stray Cats
Pacific Coliseum
Vancouver, BC, Canada
June 2, 1983
(Never Circulated Audience)

Recorder: 1982 WM-R2 Sony Walkman Cassette Recorder with Built-In Mics
Location: Floor Row 6 Seat 28
Cassette: Maxell UD/XL II Hi-Level Bias C90
Playback: Marantz PMD-300CP USB Cassette Recorder to Audio Hijack.
Tracking in Amadeus Pro

This was a fun show. It was girls girls girls all around and they were crazy about the band. Some flaws with the tape which I tried to minimize including talking and damage to the master tape. The biggest flaw is that the recorder shut off for the start of Rock This Town. Also had to do an edit towards the end of same song as the tape was damaged. Otherwise a pretty nice capture of the energy of the moment in time.

1 - Your Baby Blue Eyes (fades in)
2 - Double Talkin' Baby
3 - Rumble in Brighton
4 - Drink That Bottle Down
5 - Built for Speed
6 - Rev It Up & Go
7 - C'mon Everybody
8 - Stray Cat Strut
9 - Lonely Summer Nights
10 - Fishnet Stockings
11 - Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie
12 - Rock This Town (cut at start & tape cut in middle)
13 - Runaway Boys
14 - Oh, Boy!
15 - Somethin' Else

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