The Subdudes
The Center for Arts in Natick
Natick, Massachusetts
May 18, 2017

An Imperfect Gravy Recording (IPG-314)

Lineage: Audio Reality > Tascam DR-07mkII @ 16/44.1 > PC > Audacity 2.0.3 (tracking & normalization) > TLH (FLAC 8) > Dime

Sound Quality: Let the samples be your guide.

01. Introduction
02. Poor Man's Paradise
03. Angel To Be
04. Light In Your Eyes
05. It's So Hard
06. Next To Me
07. You'll Be Satisfied
08. [talk]
09. He's Got You On His Mind
10. [talk]
11. All The Time In The World
12. [talk]
13. Carved In Stone
14. Morning Glory
15. Late At Night
16. [talk]
17. Papa Dukie And The Mud People
18. [talk]
19. The Rain
20. Known To Touch Me
21. Sarita
22. Oh Baby

NOTE: The last four songs were performed unplugged from two different spots at the back of the room. Tracks 19 & 20 were
performed very close to where I was recording and thus sound excellent. Tracks 21 & 22 were performed on the opposite side
of the room and thus sound fairly distant. Overall, though, this is an excellent recording.

Total Time (109:29) [one set, continuous recording, no opening act]

Tommy Malone - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
John Magnie - vocals, accordion, keyboard
Steve Amed´┐Że - vocals, tambourine, drums & percussion, kazoo
Tim Cook - vocals, electric bass, cowbell


-Do not sell this recording.
-Do not upload this recording to other trackers.
-Do not alter this recording or convert to mp3 or other lossy formats except for your own personal use.
-Support the artists by attending shows and purchasing official releases.

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