Sugar - 1992 12 04 Salle Omnisport, Rennes FRA FM

Nice FM broadcast. The DJ talks at the beginning, over the feedback at the end of tilted and at the very end. If you want to delete tracks 1, 7 and 10 = you won't really miss any music. There was a 0.23 second gap between IICCYM and Clowmaster.

1 DJ
2 Changes
3 Running Out of Time
4 If I Can't Change Your Mind
- recording break -
5 Clownmaster
6 Tilted
7 DJ over feedback
8 The Beer Commercial
9 Man on the Moon
10 DJ

Lineage: FM Broadcast > 1st gen tape > Tascam 202MKVII USB out > CDWAV > Audacity (normalization, fades, merges, noise reduction) > CDWAV (splits) > DBPowerAmp (FLAC) [loughney xfer]

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