Sugarcane Jane And The Bucket Fillers
17th Annual Hickory Fest, honoring the legacy of Sue Cunningham
Stony Fork Creek Campground
Wellsboro PA
2019-08-16 Friday
76'F 74%RH

Source: (1) BSCS-L > Apogee Minime Rev. C > Edirol OCM R-44
(2) SBD > Edirol OCM R-44
(3) JB-mod NAK CM-300 (CP-3'S) > Edirol OCM R-44
(4) JB-mod NAK CM-300 (CP-1'S) > Edirol OCM R-44
Sound Engineer : George Powell - FOH, Zack Shepard - Monitors
Location : at SBD 76' from stage
Transfer: Audacity > Soundforge > r8brain > CD Wave > TLH
Recorded and matrixed by capnhook

t01 -intro by Frank Serio-
t02 Campfire
t03 Southern State Of Mind
t04 Man Of Fewest Words
t05 -banter-
t06 Destiny
t07 -band intros-
t08 Red Flags Warning
t09 -song dedicated to Sue Cunningham-
t10 Silver Stars
t11 -thanks Zack-
t12 God Made The Mountains For The Brave
t13 -banter-
t14 Cabin On A Hill
t15 Home Nights
t16 -banter-
t17 Heartbreak Road
t18 -banter-
t19 The Whistle Song
t20 San Andreas
t21 -banter-
t22 Sugar
t23 -thanks-
t24 California Dreamin' > Mrs. Robinson > Mr. Soul > Mrs. Robinson
t25 -encore crowd-


t26 Lori Lee

Never For Sale.
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Anthony Crawford - Guitar, Vocals
Savana Lee - Guitar, Vocals
Pete Nice - Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, Mandolin
Leif Bondarenko - Drums
Gary Edmonds - Electric Guitar

Thanks to George at GP Audio for being kind to us tapers.

Photos courtesy of Frank Serio.

Video by dababe44 is availabe at

Special thanks to Sue.

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