Sweetback Sisters
Riverlink Park Concert Series,
Riverlink Park,
August 25,2018

2-Gotta Get A Goin'
3-Thank You
4-I Got Lucky With You
5-Love Me Honey Do
6-One Day At A Time
7-Always Late With Your Kisses
8-Oh Lonesome Me
9-Things You Never Know
10-Before You Go
11-Booze Fighters
12-I Got A Bulldog
13-It's All Your Fault
14-Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle
15-The Arkansas Sheik
17-Don't Worry About Me
18-King Of Killing Time
19-If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me
20-I'm Gonna Cry

About 20 Feet From Stage Right Of Center >
Roland R-05 W/ Internal Mikes @ 16/44.1 >
Cool Edit > Cd Wave Editor >
Traders Little Helper > Flac