The Ann Wilson Thing
Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center
Old Saybrook, CT
October 06, 2015


Source info:

Sennheiser ME-104's>Tascam DR-07 (16/44.1, 40hz bass rolloff)
>USB> PC> GoldWave v5.56 (invert, balance levels)> CDWaveEditor v1.96 (track split)> TLH> Flac (6)

Taper: Ringfedder



01. For What It's Worth
02. I Put a Spell on You
03. A Fool No More
04. War of Man
05. Every Grain of Sand
06. Isolation
07. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
08. Don't Give Up
09. I Want Someone Badly
10. Permission
11. You Caught My Eye
12. River Deep, Mountain High
13. Ain't No Way
14. The Danger Zone
15. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (take 2)

The Band:

Ann Wilson - Vocal
Craig Bartock - guitar
Ben Smith - drums
Chris Joyner - keyboard
Andy Stoller - bass


Hello Everyone

This was a spectacular performance with Ann Wilson covering songs from artists she admires and adding her own unique soulful interpretation. She covers everyone from Screamin' Jay Hawkins to Ray Charles. This show was recorded for the CPTV series The Kate and will be nationally broadcast some time next year. The band was allowed to do a �do over� for the cameras which accounts for the second version of WGGOOTP at the end.

As always, please support the artist and venues like The Kate.