T-Bone Burnett and Friends
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California, U.S.
October 5, 2007

DPA4061>Edirol R-09
normalization and tracking in Audacity>Flac
taper: mikem99

2008 edits by john234: I used Audacity to separate five talking bits into their own tracks.
Editing lineage: FLAC > Audacity (retracking) > TLH > FLAC 6 (align SB) > Foobar2000 (flac tags).

T Bone Burnett - vocals, guitar
Doyle Bramhall II - vocals, guitar
Jay Bellerose - drums
Jim Keltner - drums
Dennis Crouch - string bass
Keefus Ciancia - keyboards
John Mellencamp - vocals on last three songs

Tracks 09-10-11 (Neko Case intro and two songs) are omitted due to Neko Case being on the NAB list.

01. intro
02. T Bone Burnett - Rave On
03. band intro
04. T Bone Burnett - Cold, Cold Heart
05. talk
06. Doyle Bramhall - Travelin' Riverside Blues
07. Doyle Bramhall - Outside Woman Blues
08. T Bone Burnett - Earlier Baghdad (The Bounce)
09. Neko Case intro ---------------------------------- omitted
10. Neko Case - Alone and Forsaken ------------------- omitted
11. Neko Case - Long Time Gone ----------------------- omitted
12. Doyle Bramhall - Oh Death
13. T Bone Burnett - Every Time I Feel the Shift
14. intro
15. John Mellencamp - Troubled Land
16. talk
17. John Mellencamp - Jena
18. John Mellencamp - Pink Houses

Time - 50:36

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b25806661d7483daf5f5c0ded590d6b0 *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-01- intro.flac
6318b489f724f9043e00bfd61bc530c4 *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-02- Rave On.flac
6a2bcf477151e2827ae49a97c5c367be *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-03- band intro.flac
d4c1c93c727597e141947175fe7ad554 *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-04- Cold Cold Heart.flac
a54c495fc30944ed4654058731086bc8 *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-05- talk.flac
3f88da3a6d750bcf646ce7ac94c5a72a *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-06- Travelin Riverside Blues.flac
61a067029b3a08bc699cb6850c751e30 *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-07- Outside Woman Blues.flac
20b30a303d0af69dbe4a8b65a7115061 *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-08- Earlier Baghdad.flac
663b55e6041a2db7e4471e38b5a3e75e *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-12- Oh Death.flac
e2b8ce41631d72df5409e0d147d5b92c *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-13- Every Time I Feel the Shift.flac
e3e9151e016ff5ca57464a70c920954e *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-14- intro.flac
2428a67ae8f8c19cfc46c38d7e108430 *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-15- Troubled Land.flac
07101a8b070c2f73fe503f21a6d2a1bc *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-16- talk.flac
0fb074bc9c4227e0061a5253c04379a6 *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-17- Jena.flac
5ea02253429964f9400fc7f624638957 *TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-18- Pink Houses.flac

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TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-01- intro.flac:b12eb0ab7951807781edfe3ff0cde8ce
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-02- Rave On.flac:b1731102718963147fa0977a588c4b1d
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-03- band intro.flac:9bac509a9586f6c7acfdafa1ceb53285
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-04- Cold Cold Heart.flac:9e23c232ea88e976f923b8cafdad8f0e
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-05- talk.flac:07cc2dc141e4d14f9b157edbb8cb39b4
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-06- Travelin Riverside Blues.flac:1e60153a37226c167c65d0ace1c59d7b
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-07- Outside Woman Blues.flac:c79904fa1cf3a213f3cf561c2bef8314
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-08- Earlier Baghdad.flac:84333487f14515944ebd0146ed2e2141
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-12- Oh Death.flac:07258d2b224cdf3823dd7721ec01e683
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-13- Every Time I Feel the Shift.flac:267417f108708a8624b8676d79ad0164
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-14- intro.flac:ab4c48edebd3a15682a98fd0753f5897
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-15- Troubled Land.flac:691724666fd0ecea82e6f887f3d7919b
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-16- talk.flac:ca64508ecc6c952855caf9069fb390c1
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-17- Jena.flac:a2058448c2e06346fba11c63710e669f
TBBaF_2007-10-05_SF_HSB-18- Pink Houses.flac:10993ea2b92f80f0c46eccac173b53fc