T-Dawg's Holiday Hootenanny
Terminal West
Atlanta, GA

Source: AKG CK3 > AKG C451E > Sound Devices MixPre-D > Tascam DR-680MKII > .WAV @ 2496 > SDXC
Transfer: SDXC > Samplitude Pro X3 [Build 35] (normalize, iZotope Ozone MBit+ dither & resample) > TLH v2.7.0 (flac8, ffp) > Foobar2000 v1.3.10 (Live Show Tagger)
Location: DFC, ORFT, clamped to balcony rail
Recorded & Processed by Jeff Mitchell

Set 1 - Ralph Roddenbery
s1t01 - Intro
s1t02 - Just As Long As I'm Alive
s1t03 - Get Up Off Your Hands
s1t04 - Good As You Look
s1t05 - So Very Thankful For This Very Day
s1t06 - That's Going To Leave A Mark
s1t07 - Love Is Alive And Well
s1t08 - I Ain't Scared To Fall In Love
s1t09 - ??
s1t10 - Maude Only Knows
s1t11 - Set 1 Close

Set 2 - Jim Lauderdale
s2t01 - ??
s2t02 - Different Kind Of Groove Some Time
s2t03 - You Came To Get Me
s2t04 - Worth The Wait
s2t05 - There's A Storm Out There (But It's Calm In Here)
s2t06 - Patchwork River
s2t07 - Hole In My Head
s2t08 - I Feel Like Singing Today
s2t09 - Lost In The Lonesome Pines
s2t10 - Can't We Find Forgiveness
s2t11 - Headed For The Hills
s2t12 - Set 2 Close

Set 3 - Zambigrass
s3t01 - Lonesome Fiddle Blues
s3t02 - Mountain Song
s3t03 - Gentle On My Mind
s3t04 - I Know You Rider
s3t05 - Instrumental
s3t06 - Mama Don't Allow No Music
s3t07 - Be Proud Of The Grey In Your Hair
s3t08 - Fixin' To Die
s3t09 - Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad
s3t10 - Count Mbutu Speaks
s3t11 - Always On My Mind
s3t12 - Christmas Time's A Comin'
s3t13 - Set 3 Close

Set 4 - Zambijam
s4t01 - Nutcracker Suite
s4t02 - I'm So Glad
s4t03 - Hey Pockey Way
s4t04 - Johnny Knapp Speaks
s4t05 - Johnny Knapp Plays
s4t06 - Ain't Nothin' You Can Do
s4t07 - Wish That It Would Rain
s4t08 - Space Is The Place
s4t09 - Fixin' To Die
s4t10 - Closing

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