T. Rex - Tokyo AUD - Rockin and Rollin - November 28, 1972

T. Rex
Rockin' & Rollin' (Dirty 13 - Volume 8)
Budokan - Tokyo, Japan
November 28, 1972
Audience Recording

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Artwork Included

Disc 1: (57:17)
1. Chariot Choogle (9:42)
2. Baby Strange (9:16)
3. Mickey Finn Solo (2:26)
4. Telegram Sam (8:35)
5. Metal Guru (5:10)
6. Spaceball Ricochet (8:47)
7. Buick Mackine (13:21)

Disc 2: (44:10)
1. Jeepster (10:56) (Tape Flip at 5:18)
2. Hot Love (7:29)
3. Get It On (25:44)

Marc Bolan - Guitar, Vocal
Mickey Finn - Percussion, Backing Vocal
Steve Currie - Bass
Bill Legend - Drums

Uploaded by lemonjello: (Some quick comments)
This is a complete audience recording with great quality.
The performance suffers from a lot of equipment problems for the band. Bill's bass drum pedal brakes and the constant monitor problems plague the group (lots of feedback). It really feels like there was no soundcheck for this show. It seems that nobody in the audience understands a thing Marc says to them as well.
As you'll see by the times for the songs, much jamming takes place. Check out the additional lyrics at the end of Baby Strange.

As far as the recording goes, this sounds really good as far as the average sound on most audience recordings of a 1972 vintage. I think a little noise reduction might have applied to this title (you can hear an occasional high pitched whistling in spots) but I can't say for sure since there is very little side affects. This is the only T. Rex audience recording I've ever heard as well as the only one from 1972 that I know of. One also exists of the Tokyo show in 1973 released on the bootleg cd "T.K.Y. Blues". If someone has this please post it.

Thanks for reading.

Flac fingerprints:

TRex-1972-11-28-D1-01 Chariot Choogle.flac:02f9fd9565bccb5e05810896247df38d
TRex-1972-11-28-D1-02 Baby Strange.flac:053e4c7593ba8e08d623f6bc7bc3be1e
TRex-1972-11-28-D1-03 Mickey Finn Solo.flac:d3e25bbd1687c8663240de4cdf74459b
TRex-1972-11-28-D1-04 Telegram Sam.flac:ab3d469c35b28458b0178df973b671f4
TRex-1972-11-28-D1-05 Metal Guru.flac:9cb4c49d8a8c5df30ab86b4566720d2b
TRex-1972-11-28-D1-06 Spaceball Ricochet.flac:62c4812e0f3b98df7288063001b3289a
TRex-1972-11-28-D1-07 Buick Mackane.flac:da747af7fe1bb410f19590487a6710fc
TRex-1972-11-28-D2-01 Jeepster.flac:89b8a9e7f25b18815bd940469c8c6e6e
TRex-1972-11-28-D2-02 Hot Love.flac:a36b4d3edd0620d0bf57b79dbe52c91a
TRex-1972-11-28-D2-03 Get It On.flac:62e1d593aa7178b5b06bca88800a6c07