Tab Benoit

Delray Beach, FL
City Limits
March 28 1998


Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6P - Denon DTR-80P DAT Master
Transfer: DAT Master > PC Optical In > wav file > Adobe Audition - Normalize >
CD Wave Cut > TLH > FLAC level 8 & Align on SB
Recording Location: Stack & the two worst women talkers in the world.
Recorded by: Datfly

01. Ain't Gonna Do It
02. It Takes A Long Time Baby
03. Too Many Dirty Dishes
04. Crawfishin'
05. Me And My Guitar
06. So High
07. Hot Tamale Baby
08. Standing On The Bank
09. Raided That Joint
10. Match Box Blues
11. Killing Floor
12. Nice & Warm
13. Love Me Like A Friend ????
14. The Seventh Son
15. She's Out There Somewhere

This one KILLS me. I was locked in a place & these two
skanks talked through the whole show. They never looked at Tab.
This was before I was bold enough to politely ask people to respect the
musicians or to please take it outside. ( It sometimes works)
I have also told people to STFU. I get angry when the is NO RESPECT
for the performer & the chatting is constant and the voices are raised to
talk over the music.


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