Tab Benoit
St. Charles, Illinois
July 12, 2003
Source: Digital Soundboard
Taped by: (Josh?)
Transfered by: (Josh?)

Additional Notes: You got to hear this!!! Nothing like good Cajun swamp boogie bayou blues played in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Tab puts on a great show. Gklainer and I saw him a few years ago in Dearborn, Michigan for $5.00! This is in honor of the 400th Anniversary of the Acadian landing in the new world being celebrated in Canada this year. Show supporting his latest release "The Sea Saint Sessions."

Recording Notes: Received this in a trade the beginning of this year from S. Bernstein. The Taper (Josh?) has told me he was the only one allowed to plug into the board.
File Size: 776 MB (FLAC)
Tab Benoit- Electric & Slide Guitars, Vocals and a little Bass & Drums
Darryl White- Drums
Carl Dufrene- Bass

Setlist: (140min)
Set List:
Disc 1 (74:40)
01.Muddy Bottom Blues- 7:04
02.Piarren Man- 7:37
03.Raided That Joint- 5:02
04.Boat Launch Baby- 6:29
05.Matchbox- 5:36
06.Going Down- 4:55
07.Sufferin' Mind- 5:34
08.The Seventh Son- 3:41
09.Hustlin' Down In New Orleans- 5:42
10.Bone To Pick- 5:12
11.I Put A Spell On You- 6:34
12.Jambalaya/Saints Go Marching In- 11:14

Disc 2 (65:08)
13.Introduction- 0:23
14.Moon Coming Over The Hill- 2:56
15.If I Could Quit You- 5:32
16.Stackilina- 5:15
17.(fade in) Baby Blue- 3:33
18.Too Many Dirty Dishes- 8:02
19.Lights Are On But Nobody's Home- 17:27
20.Solid Simple Thing- 4:01
21.I Got Loaded- 6:28
22.Encore Introduction- 3:23
23.Bayou Boogie- 8:08