Tab Benoit W/Jim Hall
Aug 22, 2009 4:45 - 6:15 PM
Music on Main,
Frisco CO
Madison Ave Main Stage
Total Time = 87:31 minutes

Recorded by Patrick H.

Source: Church Audio CA-11 Omni caps
-> CA St-9000 (Gain +20) -> Edirol
R09HR (24/96) (Line In) (St9000
Gain = 65%, Edirol Record Level = 62)

FOB - 30 feet back, close to dead center
Each set different location but within
5 - 10 feet of same spot.

Transfer: Edirol R09HR (24/96) wav ->
USB cable -> PC

Editing: Wavelab (plugins)-> Flac(16)

MD5's and SBE checked and verified.
By Patrick H. 08/23/2009

Disc 1 Set 1 (51:57)
01 Why People like that 5:09
02 One foot in NYC 5:47
03 Bring it on home 9:32
04 Hey don't you see me coming 7:56
05 I want to have a little 5:00
rondevous with the blues
06 Later on with the Blues 4:09
07 Pack it up 6:54
08 Mardi Gras Mombo 7:25

Disc 2 Set 2 (35:37)
01 New Orleans Lady 6:32
02 My baby got the Bayou 9:01
03 Keep on Smiling 7:42
04 My buckey got a hole in it 4:29
05 Night Train 7:49

Tab Guitar and Vocals
Bass Corey ?
Drums David Peters
Jim Hall Harp and Sax


D1T01 Adjusting Levels first minute
of show.

TB played 1 set that was close to 1.5
hours in length. TB had a 3 piece
band with TB on Guitar/lead vocals,
a drumer and bass player and had a
guest apperance by Jim Hall. Tab
opened for Dickey Betts and the show
was free. It was packed I would estimate
over a 1000 attended and the couple next
to me drove all the way from Nebraska for
the show.

I recorded from the FOB 30 feet back dead
center. The sound was ok for outdoors and
there was occasional wind. I used
the card caps and took off the wind
screens. There is crowd noise. Sound
varies with each set and there is some
occasional wind and crowd was rowdy.

Took photos and put them in a directory
called "pics". I guessed on song titles.

Performance: A
Sound Quality: B+